I’m sorry I haven’t been reblogging stuff lately

School started back up and I’m trying to keep up with all of the changes to my schedule - 3-

On the plus side I’m gonna try and draw michael in the trashcan as an apology

. 3.

Michael Jones VS A Pink Thong


Pairing: AH OT6
Word Count: 4804


"Can I request some ah ot6 based on an ib podcast episode where Michael talked about how comfy women’s clothes are Like basically Michael loves the feel of fem clothes but is scared of what the others would think so he tries to hide it"

Notes: Because I’m a schmuck and take forever to fill prompts, I’ve filled a bunch of small ones with not too many words and will put them out within days of each other so ayy. This is fluffy as hell by the way, nothing like my normal stuff. Hope you enjoy!


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ray looks like he regrets everything